What we do:


We are just at home with LAMP as with .NET stacks and cloud spaces.

We can boast experts in many languages; C#, F#, C++, VB, Javascript, Python, php, Java, Ruby, R and Ada to name but a few.

We use GitHub for source control and always ensure that we are fully committed at the end of each working day.

We use code standardisation tools to ensure that conventions are maintained across even disparate teams.


We have used many development techniques throughout our projects. We have expertise in Agile, Waterfall, Lean, Extreme and even BRM and are always happy to engage the customer with the process that suites them.


We always build our solutions to least privilege permissions.

We always ensure that projects undergo a security risk assessment.

Code Ownership

We have nothing to hide and everything to be proud of with the code that we write. We therefore produce full source code and documentation as a standard part of delivery.